Life Hacks For Moving: Changing Apartment Without Stress And Loss

For a reason, many people are so afraid of moving: packing and transporting things from one apartment to another can cost you not only titanic efforts, but also time and money. We will tell you how to reduce the whole process to the simplest algorithm.

Moving is an extremely difficult task that sooner or later almost every one of us faces. Packing all the things, loading them into transport, sending them to a new apartment – it is not surprising that some people prefer to postpone and postpone their move until the last because of indecision and unwillingness to engage in hiring movers, choosing a suitable car and organizing this complex process.

The basics for planning a move are generally simple and straightforward, but there are still some quirks.

To begin with, record on a sheet of paper the entire volume of the upcoming move: indicate the number of rooms and outline the approximate scope of work. So you will immediately understand whether you can handle the move yourself, or whether it is better to trust the moving service.

Moving packaging

The most suitable packaging option for moving is cardboard boxes, from the largest for equipment to small for various small parts. They will fit almost your entire apartment. In combination with air bubble wrap, they perfectly protect things from minor scratches and impacts. Also, the film does not allow moisture to pass through, and all your things will remain dry. Put the contents of each room in boxes and number them, and only then start loading into vehicles. It is best not to do this one at a time, as it will take a long time and create a feeling of confusion. Professional movers usually have a rather large selection of packaging materials in their arsenal, each of which is used for proper packaging and transportation of specific items, protecting them from impacts, scratches, friction, and so on.

There are also professional packaging materials such as plastic containers, bubble wrap, polyethylene foam, stretch wrap and more. If you do not have enough time to choose the right packaging and organize the transportation process in general, you can use the services of the moveme service, which will take care of everything: the employees will calculate the price in advance, arrive, pack it, carefully transport it and put it in place.

Loading things

First, the largest and voluminous items are loaded into the transport for transportation, and therefore you must initially have access to these things. During transportation, oversized cargo must be fixed with special belts, and something soft should be placed between objects: pillows, carpets, and the like. It is also very important to decide in advance where what things you want to place in your new home so that the movers will immediately place all the boxes in their places.

Cross-moving apartment

If you are moving into a completely empty apartment, then you do not need to think about where to store boxes of things. But what if you are going to move to where the guests are also leaving? In this case, special storage services such as the Attic will help keep your belongings intact . The service staff will pick up your belongings, pack them professionally, stick a barcode and place them in the warehouse. In your personal account, you can see all the things that you have posted, as well as return them in one click. And if there is a need to pick up or, conversely, hand over some of the items to the warehouse, the service will automatically adjust the price. A very convenient option to move to a new home without nerves and haste.

Features You May Not Know About

The weight of one box with things should not exceed 30 kg. But sometimes it is extremely difficult to weigh a box, which, however, can be helped by the famous rule of the “thumb”: if the load cannot be moved with one thumb, then it is worth removing a few things.

When packing books, keep in mind that the stack height should not exceed 45 centimeters.

When moving, do not put oily substances and paints with books and documents. Another bad idea is to arrange the neighborhood of household chemicals with food and kitchen utensils.

If the move took place in the winter, then pay attention to the packaging – for example, adhesive tape breaks easily at low temperatures, so it is better to use its frost-resistant version.

It is very useful to pre-assemble several boxes marked “Open this first”: they will contain the most necessary things that you will need immediately after moving into your new home. This applies to the minimum set of dishes, as well as personal hygiene items. You can pre-lay clean bedding, roll it right along with the mattress and pillows, and fold such a set into a separate bag. So in a new apartment your bed will be ready in a few minutes.

Apartment moving.Councils for moving the apartment and packing furniture.

Here are the most important points you should know:

  • If you are a tenant of an apartment, terminate the lease on time.
  • If you are the owner, then check out and register in a new apartment.

And this must be done in advance.

  • Then you need to determine the date of the move and call the transport company, order a car and the services of movers.
  • Transfer children in advance to another school or kindergarten at the place of the new address
  • Change your mailing address to receive correspondence
  • Notify utilities and telephone services of the disconnection of services
  • Notify your acquaintances, relatives and friends about the change of address
  • Get rid of unnecessary things that you wanted to sell or donate for a long time, because this is an extra waste of money for packaging and transportation.
  • Get rid of the trash
  • Fold all small and fragile things in advance and pack them well in newspaper or paper.
  • Dispose of flammable liquids beforehand.
  • Sign all folded boxes wherever they are. So it will be much more convenient for you to unpack your things when you move.
  • Put all your important documents in one place and keep them close at hand. Be sure to try to keep valuables nearby.
  • Always pack heavy items from below, light items from above. Use blankets and blankets, soft sweaters and sweaters as a backing for fragile items.

The company “Instantly Moving” can save you from the need to pack both bulky furniture and small, fragile items by including the presence of packing material and all work, such as disassembly, packaging and transportation of furniture, in the apartment moving agreement.