Choosing a Filming Site

Choosing a Film Location

 Where you film your movie or documentary is as crucial as what you are filming. In film or any form of video production, the location often sets the tone and communicates a lot about the film or video. For instance, while filming in an amusement park will convey more joie de vivre and excitement in your film/video, office setting often exudes a professional feel.  So when scouting for the best film sites, you need to keep a few things in mind, including but not limited to:

Scene Believability

 When you reflect about of some of your favorite movies, you remember not only the actors and actresses but also a few elements that went into creating your favorite scenes or moments. What was happening when the female lead met her lover or when the goofy male character met his in-laws for the first time? All these minor elements influence a film scene and are very significant when it comes to creating a great picture and sentiment. It is these small details that make a scene more believable and captivating—and it’s the choice of your location that brings them out.

For example; There is a film site in Newcastle Ontario that is absolutely amazing call Docville Movie Set. The owner Steve Holliday has spent countless hours turning his own farm into a full-blown Wild West Movie Set. This place must be seen to be appreciated.

I just happened by the place one time and saw a movie shoot going on there and stopped in. I found out what film was being shot and later saw the film on the big screen. Really convincing scenery!


The filming location that you choose should be easy to reach by every member of your crew. This will go a long way in helping you finish the filming work within the right time frame. If there is a scene that should take place in a forest, there is no need to pull all your crew members to some dark African forest—you can always choose a location that is similar to that. Again, if you plan to shoot your film in a big city, think of the difficulties that your crew members are likely to encounter such as traffic in the location among other factors.

Legal Considerations

Understand the legalities and the property rights that are associated with the location that you choose for filming. While some countries such as the United States have a lot of freedom when it comes to filming in public places, other governments have stringent regulation on filming public places such as airports, train terminals, and buildings. Besides, when filming on private property or buildings, you are going to need special permits, releases, or property rights clearances.

Bottom Line

Location remains an important enhancement for any film’s total causative effects. A strong sense of location is as significant as strong acting presence in any film—it transcends into the emotive feedback that the audience will experience and identify with while watching the movie.