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Preparing to move to another apartment always leads to confusion: how to pack all the things that have accumulated over a lifetime, and, most importantly, how to quickly and accurately disassemble them in a new place? Many people know firsthand how much time, energy and nerves can be spent during this period. Don’t panic! In our article, we will tell you how to properly move to a new apartment without forgetting or losing anything.

So, the axiom is simple: do not postpone the preparations for the move until the last moment! You will inevitably come across the leaning tower of Pisa from unidentified boxes with things hastily sealed with adhesive tape, the appearance of important matters requiring immediate solutions, and a bunch of other unpleasant moments. The optimal solution is to start preparing at least a month before the expected arrival in a new home. Why so early? -you ask. During this time, you will have time, without haste, to solve all pressing issues. And there will be plenty of them. See for yourself:

  • Before moving to a new apartment, you must pay all bills, pay off existing debts, disconnect the Internet and telephone services at the old address.
  • All things and furniture that you do not plan to use can be given to neighbors or sold. Don’t be afraid to part with them. There is a golden rule: if you do not use a thing for more than six months, then you do not need it. Place ads for sale, and so that buyers are found quickly, set a low price. Throw away all unsold things in a landfill.
  • It is important to decide in advance on the date when you plan to move to a new apartment. Designate a specific day and contact the shipping company.
  • Get boxes for things. They can be bought or borrowed from the nearest supermarkets or small stores. Make sure the boxes are secure, preferably with holes for easy portability. And remember, many cardboard boxes, especially large ones, tend to lose the bottom at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, we recommend getting a lot of tape. And for fragile things and glass, you need to purchase a protective air-bubble film.
  • Buy colored stickers to label boxes. A notepad, in which you can keep track of what is in which container, does not hurt either.

A week before moving to a new apartment, you can start packing your things. How to do this correctly so that later you do not have to search for the necessary item for a painfully long time? There are certain rules and tricks that can help you pack your things properly.

  1. Sofas, armchairs and ottomans must be wrapped in thick cloth and tape. We disassemble the furniture-constructor and pack the parts in foil. Be sure to put the markings so that later there will be no difficulties during assembly. We also pack glass and mirrors in air bubble wrap. We fix the doors of dressers and nightstands.
  2. We pack all glassware in a protective film and put it in boxes. Do not put glass and metal in the same container. Small kitchenware can be packed in a smaller box. We also recommend purchasing disposable tableware a few days before the planned move to a new apartment.
  3. Save space. It is convenient to transport washing powder and clothespins directly in the drum of the washing machine, tea and sugar in a kettle, jars with spices in a saucepan, etc.
  4. Books and heavy objects can be placed in wheeled suitcases.
  5. Put all documents and other most valuable and necessary things in a separate bag. But don’t transport it with other boxes. Better to take her with you to the car.
  6. A few days before moving to a new apartment, you must defrost the refrigerator. Do not purchase many products at this time.
  7. Number boxes and glue colorful stickers on them to remember where it is. A notepad with a description will help you not to get confused in markings and numbers.
  8. Make sure loading starts with the most important boxes. When unloading, they will be removed last, so that they will be at the very top of the box column. This means that you don’t have to play tag with boxes to get the things you need.
  9. All containers should be checked for damage after transport.

What else do you need when moving to a new apartment? The answer is simple: patience and a competent approach to planning. By following simple guidelines, you can greatly facilitate the preparation for the move and the subsequent analysis of things in a new place.

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